Visit Fairy Lake╱仙湖への旅
Big Tainan / Light Travel
We create and share agricultural life in Fairy Lake; we also love Tainan and its immediate vicinity but we find it hard to explain why in short words: with its modern historical city, the vital coastal zone, our forefathers’ developing memory, Jianan Plain irrigated by Dazun (Great Ditch), near-and-far Kabuasua, the simple life in western market’s alleys, HappyRice of Houbi, and so on. We’d love to share information and private attractions when you are experiencing life in Fairy Lake. Please leave time to Tainan since it’s worthy!

Address Tainan County Nanshih li HE old Laos a neighbor 6-2.TEL 06-6863635.Service Time 9am-9pm.FAX 06-6863662 Bank Account:土地銀行白河分行(005) 戶名:仙湖農場 代碼:0050898 帳號:0890-0101-0957
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