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Experience farming life
Packages to experience farming life ※ Reservation required
Fairy Lake of the Four Seasons to life as the main crop planning.

1 day type "One-day farmers' and kids exclusive" self-cultivation of small farmers. "
(2) the 2nd type of "on the 2nd farmer."
3 If you have special needs, sharing life experiences with farming, can be designed to customer needs Fairylake (such as the conference, family, special day ...), custom planning "Project Trips" and other needs please call 06-6863635 or write to contact us.

Guided experience of seasonal agricultural production: "From the tea, sachet making, longan honey parenting, producing fruit harvest. Manor coffee farmers to play and traditional dried longan production experience." And in life practice. Protagonist on the table, is personally picking the wild to find food, and seasonal ingredients DIY tea and enjoy the ground farmer can appreciate the good life.

Please refer to the annual campaign season activity table.
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