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Cuisine V Mountain-view restaurant on the independent hill:
Our ingredients all come from fairy lake and local farms. Our food is really fresh, from land to table all within half an hour. We use traditional and innovative way of cooking to keep foods own flavor without using MSG and excessive seasoning. You can enjoy our food from one person up to 10 people for a table. We offering our special set menu, the dishes in the set menu can not be ordered by individual.

We only provide full course. Guests cant order any specific cuisine in the course separately.
Our menu combines local ingredients, farmers dietary culture and traditional cuisine skills. Each course is designed by headcount, which can satisfy one person to ten persons needs.
We also have another menu of extra food or seasonal cuisine if you want to eat more.

On every dining table of Fairy Lake put a hot pot of vegetable Shabu Shabu.
Soup choices include vegetable and chicken soups.
Enjoy the joy to rinse fresh seasonal vegetables just plucked in the morning into two kinds of soups we offer, aka, vegetable & chicken soups.
Rinse the seasonal vegetables into the stewed chicken soup made of local chicken and olive we grow on our own when eating a meal. Have fun with the rich taste full of flavors of sub-acid olive and vegetables in your mouth. So delicious! So fresh! So sweet!!




Focus on presenting ingredients natural flavors instead of seasoning them.


Experience where foods come from with your heart in the agricultural life traveling package.

The value of vegetables grew in our farm comes from ~ clean land, air, mountain spring.



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